Accessories for Low Speed Rear, Side and Pole Impact Simulation that will assist with increasing the productivity and efficiency of the development process.

2-Piece Sled

The innovative sled concept allows you to reduce your set-up time and increase the dynamic performance of the system.

Camera Outriggers

Designed for low mass and high stiffness, the Instron camera outriggers provide a stable mounting point for high speed cameras whilst preserving the performance of the test system.

Low Speed Rear Impact Simulation

The low speed rear impact simulation is used for the development and testing of the interaction between the occupant, the seat and the neck support.


The active controlled pitch simulation load unit offers a significant advantage through more realistic crash simulations and better reproduction of the dummy injury criteria

Quick Clamping System for Test-Setup-Pallets

The quick clamping mechanism allows standardized mounting of any type of structures on the sled to reduce the set-up time.

Side and Pole Impact Simulation

Side-crash simulations on sled systems are carried out for the development of safety restraint systems.