For applications with specific alignment requirements, the AlignPRO system can be used to control both concentricty and angularity in your load string to optimize alignment. The system consists of an AlignPRO fixture that is mounted between the load cell and the loadframe, which is used to make adjustments to concentricity and angularity. The AlignPRO software monitors the output from strain gauges mounted on either flat or round alignment cells. These outputs are then used to calculate bending due to angular and concentric alignment errors, allowing you to make adjustments with the AlignPRO fixture while monitoring the effect on bending in real time in the AlignPRO software.

AlignPRO Fixtures

The AlignPRO fixture allows the load cell and grip assembly to be aligned quickly and precisely. The fixture allows both concentric and angular misalignment to be adjusted, while the loadstring is still preloaded.
  • Catalog No.2910-130 = For 100 kN (22 kip) Electromechanical Machines
  • Catalog No.2910-132= For 150 and 250 kN (34 and 56 kip) Electromechanical Machines
  • Catalog No.8000-082 = For Dynamic Machines - Capacities up to 250 kN (56 kip)
  • Catalog No.8000-084 = For Dynamic Machines - Capacities up to 250 kN (56 kip)For Dynamic Machines - Capacities up to 500 kN (112 kip)

AlignPRO Software and Electronics

When used in conjunction with the Instron AlignPRO fixture, the AlignPRO software identifies which adjustments are required and displays in real time the effect of the adjustments, enabling accurate machine set-up for optimal alignment in just a few minutes. The AlignPRO software combines the strain signals from an alignment cell using calculations as specified in standards such as ASTM E1012 and presents misalignment information both numerically and graphically on screen. The information on the AlignPRO screen updates the strain readings constantly, allowing adjustments with the optional AlignPRO fixture to be made and read immediately.

Strain Gauged Alignment Cells

When a strain gauged alignment cell is installed in the grips, any misalignment in the load string will cause the alignment cell to bend. The electronics supplies each of the strain gauges with a stable reference voltage. Each strain gauge output is fed back to a data acquisition unit and made available to the AlignPRO™ software as a real time strain signal.
  • Catalog No. 8000-171 = Strain-Gauged Alignment Cell, 8 Gauges, 8 mm Diameter in Gauged Section
  • Catalog No. 8000-172 = Strain-Gauged Alignment Cell, 8 Gauges, 10 mm Diameter in Gauged Section
  • Catalog No. 8000-173 = Strain-Gauged Alignment Cell, 8 Gauges, Flat 12 mm x 6 mm in Gauged Section
  • Catalog No. 8000-174 = Strain-Gauged Alignment Cell, 8 Gauges. Thin Flat 15 mm x 2 mm in Gauged Section