Instron offers a wide variety of options when it comes to torsion testing – including stand-alone torsion testing machines available in a range of force capacities, a torsion add-on for universal testing systems which allows you to convert an axial-only system into a biaxial system, and dynamic and fatigue testing machines that offer both axial and torsional testing capabilities.

MT Series Torsion Testing Machines

The MT Series torsion testing machines are available with force capacities ranging from 22.5 Nm to 5,650 Nm.

Torsion Add-On 3.0 for 6800 and 5900 Series Testing Systems

The Torsion Add-On 3.0 can be installed on a universal testing system to allow for simultaneous axial and torsional testing.

ElectroPuls® All-Electric Dynamic and Fatigue Test Systems

The patented biaxial motor of ElectroPuls instruments combines axial and torsional capabilities for long-term durability testing.