Universal testing machines include electromechanical and hydraulic systems to perform static testing, including tensile, compression, bend, peel, tear, and other mechanical tests.

Low Force Universal Testing Systems

Single column and dual column table model testing systems have a test capacity range from 0.02 N (2 gf) to 50 kN. Low force systems are used for tensile, compression, flex, peel testing, and more.

High Force Universal Testing Systems

High force floor model testing systems have a test capacity range from 100 kN to 2,000 kN. These systems can be electromechanical or hydraulic, and are used for tensile, compression, and flex testing.

EXTEND™ System Upgrades

Instron EXTEND System Upgrades extend the life of a testing system by replacing at risk components and enabling the use of Instron’s latest software and accessories. Available for both electromechanical and static hydraulic systems.

Multi-Station Test Frames

The 6800 Series Multi-Station System offers enhanced throughput with its ability to perform simultaneous, independent tests on up to five separate specimens using a single load frame.

Custom Universal Testing Machines

For those testing applications that require more than a standard frame offers, our Engineered Solutions Group is available to design specialized systems to fit your needs – including taller or wider frames, custom safety features, high-speed frames, automation/robotics, and more.