Instron Automated Testing Systems enable a new dimension of testing productivity. These systems were designed as a solution to these common testing challenges including safety, throughput, repetitive tasks/better use of skilled operators, and variability of results. Available as either a complete turnkey solution or fitted to existing Instron testing instruments, both options are tailored to your testing operations and throughput requirements. The unique modular design of the automated testing systems provide the broad control and handling capability needed to fulfill a wide range of applications. Standardized systems are available for the following application areas: rubber tensile and tear, plastics tensile and flex, thin films tensile, metals tensile, and component testing.

AT2 XY Stage

The Automated XY Stage Testing System can perform motorized compression and tension testing of devices including medical equipment, keypads, and syringes.

AT3 3-Axis Non-Robotic Testing System

The AT3 automated testing system utilizes an innovative design for the automatic tensile, flexural, or compression testing of both rigid and non-rigid specimens.

AT6 6-Axis Robotic Automated Testing System

Instron’s AT6 automated testing system offers high throughput and enhanced capabilities for testing nearly any type of specimen including metals, rigid plastics, thin film, elastomers, and more.

Multi-Station Test Frame

The 6800 Series Multi-Station Test Frame offers enhanced throughput capabilities with simultaneous testing of up to 5 different specimens.

9450 Impact Testing System

Instron’s Bluehill® Impact AutoMate Software and 9450 Impact Testing Machine utilize an innovative design for automatic puncture impact testing of plastic specimens.