Whether your application involves syringes, Luer locks, auto-injectors, pen injectors, sutures, prosthetics, implants, medical packaging, or PPE, Instron offers a range of fixtures and accessories for testing to industry standards.

Torsion Add-On 3.0

Designed for simple, simultaneous or independent axial and torsional testing, the Torsion Add-On 3.0 increases the capabilities of your lab – allowing you to expand product development capabilities and simulate real-world applications of your products. It’s perfect for testing the performance of Luer locks, bone screws, along with medical devices, packaging, tubing, and more.

Automated Motorized XY System

The Instron Automated XY Stage Testing System is designed for automated compression, flex, or tension testing of devices and components with multiple and repetitive test points on medical devices, syringes, pharmaceutical pills, etc.

Tortuosity Test System

Guidewire and catheter manufacturers are interested in quantifying the frictional forces, which is measured by simulating the action of the product being pushed through a patient's body. This type of test is often referred to as tortuosity testing.

Pen and Auto-Injector Testing System

The pen and auto-injector testing system automatically tests all stages of pen and auto-injectors per ISO 11608-5. Simplifying the test method into a single test helps ensure the accuracy of results and saves time.

BioPuls Bath

The temperature-controlled BioBath allows for accurate simulation of the environmental conditions required for biomedical testing. The bath has a pneumatic lifting and lowering mechanism that allows for ease of use, increases productivity, and minimizes the risk of spilling fluid on the surrounding test equipment. Most importantly, the BioBath was specifically designed for compatibility with our newest video extensometers, allowing for unparalleled accuracy in strain measurement.


Within the medical device industry, regulatory agencies often test internally-based devices and implants in a physiological state. The lnstron® BioBox meets the growing trend of testing actual medical devices and biomaterials at body temperature (37 °С). For large or long devices, testing in а liquid may not bе practical. As an alternative, testing inside а controlled air environment at body temperature provides а powerful solution. The BioBox can bе incorporated as а standard item on а new single column frame or in selected models already in operation. This bох permits the full travel test of sutures, catheter tubings, latex gloves, and а wide variety of other devices and biomaterials at physiologically relevant temperatures.


Liquid resistant tray cover for protecting the base of Instron frames from damage, e.g. messy biomedical specimens or spillage using BioPuls Bath. Provides full liquid resistant protection. Easy to install and clean with water.

Component Test Plate

The component test plate is a large plate with an array of tapped holes that is useful for securing difficult-to-test components for a variety of tensile, compression, peel or other testing.

Syringe Test Fixture

The Syringe Test Fixture, catalog no. 2870-001, is designed to investigate the forces necessary to collect force versus time data in an effort to evaluate the performance of syringes and syringe/needle combinations. It determines breakaway forces at the beginning of injections as well as sustaining forces throughout the injection process. We also offer a separate Syringe Test Fixture, catalog no. 2870-003, specifically designed to meet the test requirements of ISO 7886-1 Annex G for sterile, single-use hypodermic syringes.

XY Test Stage

The XY Test Stage is useful for testing components, sub-assemblies, or end products that have multiple elements or leads that need to be tested independently of one another; commonly found in the medical device industry.

Other Biomedical Test Fixtures

To view even more Instron test fixtures for biomedical applications, check out the Biomedical/Pharmaceutical accessories section of our Accessories Catalog.