The accessories here are designed as attachments, or upgrades to a variety of Instron testing systems. If you are looking for load cells, tensile grips, heating and cooling chambers, or test fixtures, you can find those in our accessories section.

Electromechanical Frame Accessories

Accessories, attachments, and upgrades are designed for Instron 3300, 3400, 5900, and 6800 Series test systems.

Electropuls All-Electric Dynamic Test Systems

Loadframe accessories for Electropuls systems include a high stiffness support table and safety guards.

8800 Series Load Frame Accessories

Air cushion isolators and Hydraulic grip controls for servohydraulic systems.

Impact Testing Accessories

Charpy, Izod, and other accessories for Instron Impact systems.

Static Hydraulic Load Frame Accessories

Accessories designed specifically for Instron’s hydraulic universal testing systems.