Instron® offers a wide variety of tensile grips to suit your industry and testing application. Our grips range in force from one gram to 2 meganewtons and can accommodate a diverse range of materials such as thread, rope, elastomers, plastic, composites, metals, and more. For those with unique applications, our custom engineering group will gladly design a grip to suit your situation. Instron grips comply with all global testing standards, are designed to last for decades, and are backed by our world class service and support team.

Pneumatic Side Action Tensile Grips

Our most popular tensile grip and installed on more than half of all Instron universal testing machines. These grips are easy to use, extremely versatile, and efficient for high volume testing. Up to 10kN force capacity.

Wedge Action Tensile Grips

A classic, simple, and robust tensile grip design; manual wedge action grips are perfect for metals, composites, and plastic. Designed for easy specimen loading, alignment, and positioning. Up to 250kN force capacity.

Screw Side Action Tensile Grips

Screw action grips provide a very simple and efficient method for holding test specimens and are most commonly used for biomedical, plastic film, electronic, and adhesive applications. Up to 10kN force capacity.

Advanced Hydraulic Wedge Action Tensile Grips – Static & Dynamic

The best grips available for most metal and composite tensile testing applications. A hydraulic grip pump is required if installing these on an electromechanical system. Up to 500kN force capacity.

Self-Tightening Roller Tensile Grips

Simple and efficient self-tightening tensile grips that are perfect for elastomers and thin films. Up to 5kN force capacity.

Textile Cord, Yarn, and Rope Tensile Grips

Grips designed specifically for tensile testing yarn, thread, rope, cord, tube, sutures, and wire.

Hydraulic Wedge Action Tensile Grips

Hydraulic wedge action grips for Instron's high-capacity static hydraulic universal testing systems. Up to 2,000kN force capacity.

Hydraulic Side Action Tensile Grips

Hydraulic side-acting DuraSync™ high capacity grips deliver enhanced gripping performance, usability, and operator safety over traditional grip designs. Up to 2,000kN force capacity.

Webbing Tensile Grips

Perfect for textile webbing, cargo straps, and seat belt material. Due to the diversity of materials and widths, most of the grips we supply are custom made for your application.

Torsion and Axial-Torsion Grips

Axial-torsion grips for the Instron 8874 bi-axial servohydraulic testing system, and torsion grips for Instron MT torsion testing systems.

Pneumatic Wedge Action Tensile Grips – Static & Dynamic

Designed for ElectroPuls™ test instruments, these pneumatic wedge action grips are suitable for tension, compression, torsion, and reverse-stress testing on a wide range of specimens and materials.

Pneumatic Wedge Action Tensile Grips

Similar to manual wedge grips but with the addition of pneumatic closing to increase testing speed and convenience. 100kN and 200kN models available.

Fastener Tensile Grips

Fastener holder tensile grips perform proof tests, axial and wedge tensile tests, and cone stripping tests on bolts, screws, studs, and nuts.

Threaded-End and Button-End Grip Bodies

Split insert tensile grips are designed for safe, high-volume testing of shoulder-end or button-head machined specimens. Designed per ASTM E8, ASTM A370, ASTM A48 and GOST 1497 (Type III specimen).

Wire and Cable Tensile Grips

Grips designed specifically for tensile testing wire and cable up to 12.7mm in diameter.

Microelectronic Tensile Grips

A variety of tensile grips suitable for performing tensile tests on a wide range of microelectronic components and assemblies including leads, wires, and irregularly-shaped products.

Cord Capstan Tensile Grips

Manual tensile grips designed specifically for rope and cord up to 3.2mm in diameter and 2.5kN of breaking strength.

Fiber Filament Tensile Grips

Small, very low force, and lightweight tensile grips for fibers and filaments. Common in biomedical and microelectronic applications.

O-Ring Tensile Grips

The tensile grip designed for ASTM D1414. Designed for testing elastomeric rings, these fixtures avoid local stress concentrations by using a spindle that is rotated by the testing system's moving crosshead.

Fabric Loop Tensile Grips

The tensile grip designed for ASTM D4964. Fabric loop grips are used for tension and elongation testing of wide or narrow elastic fabrics.

BioPuls Submersible Pneumatic Side Action Tensile Grips

Submersible tensile grips designed specifically for use with Instron's BioPuls temperature controlled water or saline bath system.

Other Grips, Adapters, Jaw Faces, Grip Accessories, and Specimen Holders

Accessories and jaw faces for all Instron tensile grips. Other tensile grip designs.