Materials testing software packages are available for all new Instron systems and as upgrades to existing Instron systems. All software interfaces are designed to be natural extensions of the instruments for efficient test operation, while also providing a powerful post-test analysis tools, like DIC Replay, and data management tools, like TrendTracker™.

Bluehill® Universal

For Universal Testing Systems. Bluehill Universal is built from the ground-up for touch interaction. The new portrait layout gives you a comprehensive view of the test workspace and allows you to start testing even faster than ever before.

Bluehill® Fracture

For Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Systems. Bluehill Fracture is a dedicated fracture mechanics software from Instron. Machine control, data analysis and reporting are performed for metals fracture toughness measurement to key international standards.

Bluehill® Impact

For Drop Towers. Bluehill Impact with it's easy-to-understand icons and workflows, make it easy to train new or experienced users allowing you to start testing even faster than ever before.

Bluehill Elements

For 3400 Series Universal Testing Systems. Bluehill Elements Software, built on the Bluehill platform meets the requirements of simple tension, compression, flexure, peel, and tear testing.


For Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Systems. WaveMatrix2 software for dynamic and fatigue testing delivers flexibility - run everything from a simple static ramp, to cyclic waveforms through to complex multi-step, multi-axial tests.

Bluehill Impact

For MPX Pendulums. Built on our popular and adaptive Bluehill platform, Bluehill Impact is Instron’s newest and most powerful impact testing software. Bluehill Impact is designed for touch interaction to make the user experience simpler and smarter than ever.

Bluehill® VHS Analysis

For High Strain Rate VHS Systems. Designed to integrate with data generated by Instron VHS machines, this software provides a complete solution covering needs ranging from routine batch testing, to unique specimen analysis, or initial test development.


Add-On to Bluehill Universal and Bluehill 3. Imagine all your Bluehill® test results in one robust and scalable database available to answer your questions in seconds. Instron's TrendTrackerTM makes it possible.

Bluehill® HV

For HDT and Vicat Testers. Bluehill® HV Software is specifically designed for the Instron® HDT and Vicat testers, both of the previous and current generations.

DIC Replay

Digital Image Correlation Software. DIC Replay software is a self-contained 2D DIC package. The software consumes images and calibration data saved by the Instron Advanced Video Extensometer (AVE) and works in a post-processing mode.

CEAST Software

For Rheology, HDT Vicat and Impact. The CEAST software brings together CEAST and Instron’s experience of impact, HDT Vicat and rheology testing, providing a complete interface between the instruments and the end-user.


For 8800 Series Hydraulic Fatigue Systems. LCF3 Software provides system control, data acquisition, real-time graphs, calculation of results, storage of data to disk, and post test graphs and reports in accordance with the relevant sections of ASTM E606-04, BS 7270 (2006), and ISO 12106 (2003).

RS LabSite modulogic

For Structural Durability Testing Systems. RS LabSite® modulogic is a comprehensive and adaptable software suite conceived for introducing service loads into individual components or complete vehicles, or performing calculations within the framework of Virtual Prototyping.


For Crash Simulation Systems. The application software CrashSim is used for the preparation, execution, monitoring, analysis and documentation of crash tests carried out on the Instron sled system.

CrashSim Office

For Crash Simulation Systems. CrashSim Office is a stand-alone program for signal preparation and processing, as well as for predicting the pulse-making capability and the generation of the DriveSignal for the CrashSimulationSystem.