Safety & Apparel

Apparel Chemical Storage Controlled Environment Ear Protection Emergency Response Ears, Eyes and Head Protection First Aid Flashlights Hand Protection Hand & Skin Care Hard Hats Knives and Cutters Laboratory Safety Radiation Protection Respirators Safety Guards & Protectors Signs and Labels Spill Control


Thomas is the complete Furniture Solution from Design to Installation, and all the components in between. Work with our highly trained designers who are knowledgeable in the sciences coupled with craftspeople dedicated to building first in class laboratories. Benches: self-supported, modular benches designed to incorporate either suspended casework or traditional floor-mounted casework. Any lab countertop can […]


Anemometers Aniline Point Apparatus Balances Barometers Biosensors Calipers Colorimeters Conductivity Data Loggers Electrical Electrodes Electroporation Flash Point Testers Force Gages Hydrometers Hygrometers Leakage Detectors Magnetic Field Testers Melting Point Apparatus Mercury Analyzers Meters Microscopes Moisture Determination Multimeters Paint Testing, Physical pH Meters Recorders Refractometers Scissors Spectrometers Spectrophotometers Tensiometers Thermal Cyclers Thermometers Thermoreactors Timers, Stopwatches & […]


Anaerobic Systems Animal Handling Arsenic Analysis Autoclaves Baths Blenders Boilers Burners Cabinets, Safety Carts Centrifuges Chambers Clamps/Supports Clean Bench Cleaners Columns Condensers Counters Crimpers / Decappers Crushers Degassers, HPLC Desiccators Digestion / Distillation Dispensers Disks, SPE Distillation, Petroleum Drum Trucks Education Electrophoresis Enclosures Evaporators Extraction Eye Wash Stations Filling Systems Filter Systems, HPLC Freeze Dryers […]


Acids Acrylamides Acrylamides Adsorbents Agaroses Albumins Amino Acids Antibiotics, Antimycotics & Preservatives Antibodies Assay Kits Buffers NEW! Cell Expression Chaotropic Agents Chelating Agents Chromatography Reagents Desiccants DNA Detergents Enzymes & Inhibitors NEW! Gene Expression Growth Factors Histology Indicators Karl Fischer NEW! Life Science Media & Components Membrane Filtration Media Metal Complexes Metal Complexes Mixtures, Inorganic […]

Lab Supplies

Adhesives Air Alumunium Foil Ampules Anti-Foam Sprays Apparel Applicators Assay Kits Autoradiography Film Bacon Bomb (Oil Sampling) Bags Batteries Beakers Bell Jars Bench Protectors Blood Collection Boats, Combustion BOD Analysis Boiling Stones Books Bottles Bowls Boxes Brushes Burets Cans Carboys CE and CE/MS Cell Scrapers Cellware, Tissue Culture Centrifugal Concentrators Charts Chemical Test Kits Chemistry […]

Testing and Filtration

Having an efficient and reliable source of purified water is a basic requirement in today’s life sciences lab environment. Our wide range of water quality testing equipment and water filtration systems gives you everything you need to conduct high-quality analysis. Plus, our collection of food and beverage testing equipment and chemicals helps you increase productivity […]