Lab Testing Equipment

Construction materials testing laboratories should be equipped with all of the accessories and consumables for conducting the required tests. Not least because any delay in testing can result in a costly delay in a building project. However, the cost of this equipment is negligible in comparison with project costs so it makes sense to ensure […]

Rock Mechanics Testing Equipment

Rock mechanics is the part of geotechnical engineering that studies the behaviour of rocks under variable physical and environmental conditions. Testing is undertaken to enable the prevention of geotechnical failure such as shearing, by measuring the behaviour of rocks for compliance with regulations, design specifications and quality control standards. Typically, the testing of rock properties […]

Asphalt Testing Equipment

Asphalt or asphalt concrete, is a composite construction material used in roads and pavements. Asphalt contains bitumen which acts as a binder for mineral aggregates such as sand and rocks, and is also referred to as blacktop or pavement. Poor quality asphalt can result in rutting, cracking, polishing, bleeding, weathering, potholes and other forms of […]

Aggregates Testing Equipment

Aggregates are one of the most important construction materials, used as a composite material in concrete and asphalt, and as a base material in foundations, roads, and railways. The high hydraulic conductivity of aggregates also makes them ideal for drainage applications and as filter media. With so many different applications, ELE’s range of aggregate testing […]

Cement Testing Equipment

  Cement is a binding material used with fine aggregate to produce mortar for masonry, or with sand and aggregates to produce concrete. Construction cements are usually comprised of lime or calcium silicate and combined with fly ash. They are categorised as either hydraulic (E.g. Portland cement) or non-hydraulic, depending on their ability to set in water. High-quality cement is necessary […]

Concrete Testing Equipment

  Concrete – a composite mixture of water, aggregates, cement and sometimes additives – is an essential material in the construction and building industry, used across a number of different applications in the residential, industrial, commercial and maritime sectors. Concrete brings structural rigidity to structures, and consequently, the quality of concrete is crucial if structures […]

Soil Testing Equipment

  It is vitally important to know the characteristics of soils in construction projects because soil mechanics affect the performance of foundations, backfill, embankments, drainage etc. It is also necessary to understand the behaviour of soils under varying conditions of moisture, loading, stress, temperature etc. ELE International designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of soil […]