Instron is excited to announce the launch of Remote Technical Support (RTS), a revolutionary new service capability designed to make it easier to diagnose and fix technical issues with your Instron testing system as well as help you stay current with calibrations and software/firmware updates.

Instron RTS, powered by Instron Connect, offers the highest level of technical support for Instron testing systems around the world. The Instron Connect platform is built directly inside Bluehill® software and provides a secure connection between the testing systems at your facility and Instron’s network of global support engineers. This secure connection allows Instron’s technical support team to connect directly to the systems in your lab by either remote screen sharing or through an integrated augmented reality (AR) tool, offering fast and high-quality system diagnostics to reduce system downtime for many technical support tickets.

Instron RTS is also critical to helping users maintain lab certifications, offering automated notifications and easy access to each instrument’s calibration status and certificates in order to provide security for audits and lab evaluations. Instron RTS also helps users stay current with the latest software and firmware updates with convenient notifications and fast, reliable direct downloads to help keep your Instron instruments running in optimal condition.

Instron RTS is currently available as part of Bluehill Universal materials testing software but can also be used with other Instron software platforms, including Bluehill 3 and Bluehill 2 (Windows® 7 or higher required).

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