Instron® supplies specimen marking devices of various types, as well as a range of specimen measurement units that can be connected directly to compatible systems to allow downloading of specimen dimensions without typing, saving time and preventing errors. Marking Punches Gauge point punches of various sizes that are used to punch mark a metallic […]


  For applications with specific alignment requirements, the AlignPRO system can be used to control both concentricty and angularity in your load string to optimize alignment. The system consists of an AlignPRO fixture that is mounted between the load cell and the loadframe, which is used to make adjustments to concentricity and angularity. The AlignPRO […]


  Accessories for Low Speed Rear, Side and Pole Impact Simulation that will assist with increasing the productivity and efficiency of the development process. 2-Piece Sled The innovative sled concept allows you to reduce your set-up time and increase the dynamic performance of the system. More Info Camera Outriggers Designed for low mass and high […]

Food Testing Fixtures

Food Instron’s food fixtures cover a wide range of industry-standard testing methods including compression, puncture, shear and extrusion. A variety of anvils, probes, shear, extrusion and bending fixtures are available for R&D, Quality Assurance, and Process Control testing. Food fixtures provided by Instron are designed with materials that are corrosion-resistant and durable. All fixtures can […]


  T-slot tables and component test plates are compatible with universal testing systems and can be used to mount or clamp components, finished product, or structures for tensile, compression, bend, peel, and puncture testing applications. T-Slot Tables The T-slot table provides an extended work area primarily intended for clamping components or structures for performing tensile, […]


  Fastener testing accessories allow for the performance of proof tests, axial and wedge tensile tests, cone stripping tests, and shear tests on most standard bolts, screws, studs, and nuts. Fastener Holders Fastener holders are designed to perform a variety of tests, including axial and wedge proof loading, tensile tests, and nut proof load tests […]


  With endless applications and materials to test, comes the need for grips, fixtures, and connections of all sizes. The following page takes a comprehensive look at the various connection types that Instron has to offer and provides an organized view to understand and select the couplings and adapters needed for your application. Need help […]


  Characterization of composite materials requires a range of tests under different loading conditions e.g. tension, compression, shear, flexure and peel. Instron provides a range of, high-performance, Composites Testing fixtures which conform to the requirements of the appropriate ASTM, ISO, EN and other testing standards. Composites Tension Testing Grips Both manual and hydraulic grip types […]